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Introducing CAV

Free Trial for SBIR Recipients

Commercializing your technology? CAV Software uses the Competitive Advantage Valuation method to value your IP. Find out how: CAV Software - Demo it NOW!

Our trial offer can get you started.

Finished the 14 Day Trial? Order Now at a Discount

Step1: Order a permanent CAV license.
Step2: Go to the download page and download the CAV software. You must enter the new registration key the first time you run CAV.

Free Trial of CAV Software

Step 1:
Request a free trial registration.

Step 2:
Download CAV

Download CAV

Step 3:
Run cav-Setup.exe that was downloaded.

Step 4:
Use the 8 digit registration key provided in the email that you received.

Download & Install Tips






Windows operating system
(XP or later).